I'm Catherine, the CL behind CL Creative! I love designing, styling, problem-solving, anything which involves taking an idea or a question and creating something unexpected from it.  I am based in a lovely little village outside Cambridge where my trusty dog, Rocket, keeps me company and my penchant for coffee keeps me going! My week takes me from designing brochures for the University of Cambridge to styling the marquee at a wedding venue to keeping the event log for a series of outdoor concerts. My work is eclectic and I find that is the best way of coming-up with creative ideas! If you like to do things a little differently, then please get in touch, as I think we could create something amazing together.

Catherine is blissfully easy to work with and brings a fresh perspective that leaves a lasting impression.

Jennie Hastie, Alumni Relations Coordinator, University of Cambridge

Photo by Lina and Tom Photography

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